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Qigong is the science of cultivating the body's internal energy, which is call Qi (Chi) in Chinese . The Chinese have been researching Qi for the last four thousand years, and have found Qigong to be an effective way to improve health and to cure many illnesses. Most imoprtant of all, however, they have found that it can help them to achieve both mental and spiritual peace.

                               Live better and Live  Longer with Chinese Qigong

Qigong training can improve your healht, cure illness, and help you overcome the stress of daily living.

Qigong is the study of Qi, or Vital energy that circulates in the human body and it has been practiced by the c=Chinese for thousands of years.

Qigong is  a unique and comprehensive approach to health and longevity and can be trained by anyone. Get the most from your practice by understanding the principles and foundations of this ancient science.


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