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Healing Tao Basic Training

Healing Tao Basic Training

                       The Healing Tao Basic Training (General Retreat)

Emphasizes the cultivation of the body, chi and mind. We have to heal and strenghen the

body and our emotional mind (Shen) and to nourish and ground the body and the spirit through the

development of the internal power and the internal structure.

                                     In this process, it is very important that we learn how to make our body healthy, open,

and relaxed, to center ourselves, to conserve, multiply, and transform our Chi (life force), to open the energy

pathways in our body and to restore balance, harmony, and inner peace and the connection with the forces

around us and in the Universe.

                                   Basic Training such as,
                    1. Inner Smile
               2. Six Healing Sounds
               3. Micro Cosmic Orbit     etc. 


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