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What is Taoism?
The Tao means the way, the way of nature and the universe, or the path of natural reality. It also refers to a way in which we can open our minds to learn more about the world, our spiritual paths, and ourselves. Sometimes the Tao is also referred to as the origin of all things, as the Source of Life, as the Wu Chi itself.
                   A practical system. Taoism, especially its internal alchemy path, is not a philosophy of mind alone, but a real practice of body, mind , and spirit. When you have the true sense of it's meaning, the true knowledge and wisdom, you will be able to make the right decisions in your life.

               Taoism involves many practical disciplines that can restore our lost youth, energy, and virtues while awakening our deepest spiritual potentials. Taoists regard these pratices as a technology that can help us learn universal truths if we are willing to open our minds.

               The final destiny. The ancient masters recognized that these potentials can include the possibility of attaining conscious freedom in the after-death state. Through specific exercises, one can avoid beyound the physical body before its demise. This makes it possible to determine one's future existence before leaving this life.

              The Tao system is geared to help you live a healthy life, free from illness, with vitality to help other fellow human beings.

Body, mind, and spirit are totally integrated in the Taoist view.  



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