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Iron Shirt Chi Kung- Ancient Kung Fu Practice

Iron Shirt Chi Kung- Ancient Kung Fu Practice

Iron Shirt Chi Kung Ancient Kung fu Practice

              The popularly known martial arts disciplines of Kung Fu and Tai Chi the Universal Tao System includes health

practices, Healing arts, the development of a state of mindfulness, and the management of vital energy (Chi).

The martial arts aspect of this training,  the practice of Iron shirt  ,  develops a highly refined moral and spiritual awarreness.

                      Iron Shirt Chi Kung, a method of Kung Fu, was learned as a protective training, providing internal power by the

practice of  simple external techniques. The practicetioner was guarded against the effets of blows to his vital organs and glands, the

primary sources for the production of life-force energy (Chi) air. Kung mean discipline: 

                     One who puts time into practice.Therefore,

                        Chi Kung means "To practice the process of breathing to increase Chi pressure(life-force pressure)  
                      Integral to Iron Shirt are the organs' exercises that clean and strengthen the organs. Strong, detoxified organs are

important to modern life.

                       Iron Shirt practice will strengthen; help to clean out the toxins, waste materials and sediment in the organs; and

convert  the fat stored in layers or shealths of connectie tissue (fasciae) in the body into Chi energy.

                         The Chi is subsequently store in the fasciae layers where it works like a cushion to protect the organs. This process

may  be compared to a tire which, when inflated with air, can sustain tremendous weight. Chi which has been stored in such a way

then  becomes available for transformation to a higher quality energy that can nourish the soul and spirit.

                          In the practice of Iron Shirt, we put more emphasis on th fasciae connective tissues, organ, tendons, bones and

bonemarrow and less emphasis on muscle development.

The Iron shirt Training

          First of all develops a body relaxed and open, strong and healthy, and structurally aligned with the forces of heaven and earth.

The Iron Shirt techniques help us also to become rooted to the earth, thereby keeping the body centered and balanced. Iron Shirt offers

a  means of perfecting our inner selves, allowing us to reach higher spiritual levels.

              The real point of Iron Shirt Chi Kung is to prepare the body to recieve higher spiritual energies.

The Core of the Iron Shirt Chikung Training consists of:

- The packing breathing process

- The Iron Shirt postures

The Main goals are to develop;

- Centering and Rooting power

- Structural alignment with the earth and also with the heavenly force.

- Internal power

- With the ultimate goal to prepare the pody for the higher spiritual energies.



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