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Healing Love

Healing Love

Healing Love

                             We awaken controlled energy and transform it through sexual yoga. Sexual energy consists of gland, organ and sexual energy. Sexual energy is the only one that can be multiplied many times.
                   This multiplication can produce either negative or positive results.

                   The Tao discovered that the sexual organs can produce a lot of energy but they cannot store this energy. When too much energy is generated, a great deal of energy must be discharged. And this is the best energy that one has.

                   These sexual practices rediret Jing Chi Upward into the body, rather than out of it. In the Taoist approach, you can have sex as often as you like, provided that you and your partner use the lovemaking to build up your internal sources of energy.

                   Before starting Healing Love,

                   it is therefore absolutely necessary that one first learns how to control one's emotions through the pratice of the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. And it is absolutely necessary to know how to circulate the basic life force (Chi) through the Microcosmic Orbit. Once the Orbit is opened, practicing Healing Love methods further opens the Microcosmic Orbit by circulating Jing Chi (sexual energy) through the same pathway.

                   One also has to learn to activate the three fires. All these meditations are emphasized throughout the Taoist system, and their mastery is essential to the successful practice of healing love.

                   People who rush to practice sexual cultivation techniques motivated by sexual lust may endanger thier physical and emotional health if they do not first accomplish these preparatory practices that clear the energetic pathway of the body and mind.



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