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Inner Smile ♥
                   Teaches you how to get in touch with your internal organs, smiling to them, and transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness, and healing energy.

                   By smiling to the organs and thanking them for the work they do, eventually we will reawaken the intelligence of the body. We are often so out of touch with our bodies and emotions that we do not notice inner disharmony developing until it finally mainfests itself as a serious illness.
                  The Inner Smile is a powerful internal healing and relaxation meditation. Deep relaxation dissolves physical and mental tensions that can cause energy blockages and unhealthy Chi. The Inner Smile enhances the energy of the organs and glands, our life force(Chi) in general, and stills and focuses the heart/mind.

                   It makes us more aware of our body and inner being, because we learn to communicate with our organs, glands, spine and other specific parts of our body, as well as our soul.

                   Practicing the Inner Smile daily provides a regular scheduled time to look inside, to keep in touch with the state of our inner organs, our Chi, our breath and emotions. We can then spot problems at their interception, making it easier to 'nip them in the bud'

                   Taoists discovered that consciousness is rooted not only in the brain alone, but also in the vital organs and in the more subtle sense in each of the cells.




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