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                       Six Healing Sounds




               Thousands of years ago the Taoist Masters discovered in their meditations the six sounds which were the corret frequencies to keep the organs in optimal condition by preventing and alleviating illness. They discovered that healthy organs vibrates at a particular frequecy. To accompany the Six Healing Sounds, Six accompanying postures were developed to activate the acupuncture meridians, or energy channels, of the organs.

                Best Detoxification is through your own Life Force Energy.

                        Detoxification through the Six Healing Sounds is by far one of the best ways to clean out the organs, Because it employs fresh energy to clean them. People spend a lot of money for herbs and drugs in order to cleanse and detoxify the organs. A lot of times people will experience moving of gas, or loose or very bad smelling bowel movements; these also are indications of ongoing detoxification.

                    Every organ has different sound and color, this exercise we concern
5 organs; and triple warmer exercise for all body.

Lungs,         Color : White,                        Sound: Sssssssss 
               Kidneys      Color:  Black or Dark Blue    Sound: Choooooo
               Liver,         Color:  Green                          Sound: Shhhhhhh
               Heart,         Color:  Red                             Sound: Hawwww
               Spleen,        Color: Yellow                        Sound: Whooooo
Triple warmer exercise for all body          Sound: Heeeeeee 




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