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                                    Tao Yin  

                              Tao Yin is a form of moving meditation that relaxes the body, opens the meridians, and clears the mind. It also gives a stronge base as it focuses on the lower back, the lumbars and the psoas muscles.

                               Tao Yin is an important part of the Taoist System as a whole: all the Taoist practices mutually support one another as a way to delve deeper into our inner potential.

                              Tao Yin is a perfect warm up before any of the Universal Healing Tao meditation techniques: by relaxing the body, opening the meridians and calming the mind, it leads to a deeper meditation.

                              Tao Yin is also a foundation practice: many practitioners of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and the martial arts use it as a way to open the body in order to move with more internal power.</


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