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                             Tan Tien Chi Kung

                          Tan Tien Chi Kung is o­ne of the best Taoist Chi Kung practices used to develop the Tan Tien and Perineum power. We need Chi and Chi pressure in the Tan Tien as a foundation for most of the Universal Tao practices, especially for Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chi Kung and meditation.

                         The Tan Tien is the energy reservoir in the body; it is the place where we store the energy we generate, gather and absorb in Chi Kung, Tai Chi and meditation. The Tan Tien is also called the ocean of Chi.  According to Chinese medical theory, o­nce the ocean is full it overflows into the eight extraordinary meridians.

                         O­nce these are full the Chi flows into the twelve ordinary meridians, each of which is associated with a particular organ. The Tan Tien is therefore the foundation of the entire energetic system of the body. Tan Tien Chi Kung will help you develop Chi pressure which is o­ne of the best practices to reverse the downward spiraling movements into the upward spiraling movement of the quantity and quality of our life force.

                        In other words, the increase of the Chi pressure in our Tan Tien through the Tan Tien Chi Kung will enhance our healing, martial arts (Iron Shirt and Tai Chi), meditation abilities, and the art of daily living and will also nourish our original force. It is the Chi pressure in the Tan Tien that roots our body and mind.



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