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                               FUSION 2



                         Forming the Pakuas We can connect our being with the powers of the Earth and the Universe. The organs and senses connect using the eight forces of the Pakua via the Fusion Practice. Negative emotional energy is balanced with positive energy and fused into a pearl of pure life-force energy. Energy Body, Spirit Body Making your way along the path, you become aware of the great value of the practices in preparing the spirit body to move into worlds beyond - and back. You'll move from balance to resonance to love.

                        Manifest the Positive With discipline and perseverance your practice will manifest a life that suits you perfectly. With smiles and diligence the fusion meditations nurture positive energies, forming the compassion pearl.

                      You'll detoxify, nourish and integrate the physical body, the energy body and the emotions, allowing the heavenly and earthly forces to balance you. Clarity, Wisdom, Truth Subtle and powerful, the Fusion Practice will change your life. Relax, and come along o­n a journey both remarkable and priceless. The way will open.</


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