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Wisdom Chi Kung or Empty Force


                         The Empty Force is another practice of the Universal Healing Tao System that work using the saliva to collect and move the Chi energy in the body.

                         The Taoists know saliva is the fountain of life. It is recognized by Western scientists to be an extremely complex fluid containing a huge array of substances that have the potential of affecting many aspects of the life of an individual mammal.

                          Saliva has a role in digestion, electrolyte balance, and control of oral micro flora, tissue maintenance, enamel maturation, acid neutralization and behavior. Its functions include moistening of oral tissues, protecting teeth from cavities, aiding speech, acting as a solvent necessary for taste and as a wetting agent to facilitate swallowing.

                         Golden Elixir, also known as nectar, is the fountain of life or water of life. This is the mixture of saliva, other hormonal fluids and external essences that, when mixed, becomes the Elixir. Taoists believe that this Elixir is a major transformer for the higher spiritual work, and has the power to heal many diseases. Some Taoist texts recommend swallowing the saliva up to 1,000 times a day for spiritual work and healing. </


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