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             STEM CELLS SYSTEM


                      Stem cells are cells that can develop into different tissue types. These stem cells, taken from umbilical cord blood, give rise to all the body’s specialized blood cells. In this process the stem cells develop either into red blood cells or one of several types of white blood cells that make up the immune system.

                     The purification of stem cells from umbilical cord blood allows scientists to research the function of the immune system and to develop treatments for diseases such as AIDS and leukemia.

                     Stem cells can be found in adult human beings. Adult stem cells reproduce daily to provide certain specialized cells - for example 200 billion red blood cells are created each day in the body. Until recently it was thought that each of these cells could produce just one particular type of cell - this is called differentiation However in the past few years, evidence has been gathered of stem cells that can transform into several different forms. Bone marrow stem cells are known to be able to transform into liver, nerve, muscle and kidney cells.

                      Useful sources of adult stem cells are being found in organs all over the body. Researchers have extracted stem cells from skin that are able to differentiate into many types of tissue, including neurones, smooth muscle cells and fat-cells. These were found in 'dermis' - a layer of tissue beneath the skin.

                      In this technique of Universal Tao System we draw the Chi in our body and by hitting the body we stimulate the stem cells to grow.</


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