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Void Element - Creativity produce reality - ALL in ONE

                   Void is the last and the highest level-element. This is the master element that, without, nothing can be. Void is emptiness, is the universe, is the empty space full of energy.

                 This energy is the ONE that produce the ALL. The training of Void element is focus on all.  Also like every element: body structure developing (muscle, joint and tendon), timing, Hara movement in all directions, focus movement and advance and free self defense.

          The training includes:

               Body movement: jumping, rotations, positioning, rolling and break fall, forward, backwards & sideways

               Attack: striking, kicking, punching, elbow, knee

              Defense: grappling, throwing, choking, and joint locks

              Weapon: classic Japanese weapon and more.

             Mind science: Hard Chi Kung, Kuji-in, Kuji-Kiri, mudra, mantra and meditations of Void element.

                     In this element all the practices and all knowledge of the Tao are practice. This is the moment to learn how remember to forget, and became part of the ALL. Loose the body and mental boundary, and attacker and defender became ONE. </</


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