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The Nine Hand Seals Technique and its related teachings have

their origins in the Hindu religion where they were initially used by

a few groups from the lower castes. These mystical techniques

were a means used by the monks to bring the virtues of the spirit

into mundane experience. The original form was not as developed

as the system we have today. Thus, this historical perspective refers

to the origins of the current system, not the modern Nine Hand

Seals Technique as it exists today. Buddhism came out of

Hinduism, and, with it, the Nine Hand Seals Technique became

ever more popular. The original mudras remain the same as those

taught in ancient times, but Buddhist mantras were also added to

the system to enhance it. The original mantras were in Sanskrit.

They are invocations and celebrations of the various Buddhas.

The Buddhist movement later traveled to China, where the tradition

was passed on to the hermetic and esoteric groups extant

there. Boa Pu Zhi, a wise Chinese master, was the first to put the

nine hand mudras on paper, in his work published around the 3rd

century AC. Eventually, the techniques migrated to Japan, along

with esoteric Buddhism, where the mantras were translated into

Japanese phonetics.

The modern Kuji-In technique is composed of a ritual process

comprising the traditional application of the Buddhist “three

secrets” (mudra, mantra, and mandala). The true Kuji-In secret

lies within the contemplation of that philosophy which we use to

change our attitude about life.</


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