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Kuji-Kiri means “Nine symbolic cuts”.

It is a technique that
belongs to the esoteric Buddhist tradition.

From the outside, it
seems to consist in drawing nine lines in the form of a grid,

drawing a symbol on the grid.

In fact, it is the setting in place of
nine energy structures, that once activated,

can empower a
concept represented by the drawn symbol over the grid.

symbol then interacts with what seems to be reality, and modifies

the structure of the universe according to the desired effects.

In other words, the nine lines that we draw in Kuji-Kiri, are nine

energy concepts that we lay down on a surface or in the air. This

grid is empowered when the person who draws the grid has

activated the nine powers in his consciousness. At this point, the

drawn grid becomes a representation of the matrix of the world,

into which you can summon another conceptual energy.</</</


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