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Healing love for Woman 

                     Women lose little sexual energy through orgasm, but instead lose it primarily through menstruation and childbearing. The sexual guidance and exercises presented are being introduced plainly to the Western public for the first time.

                   For thousands of years Taoist masters taught these secrets only to very small numbers of people in the royal courts and in esoteric circles, who were sworn to silence. Master Chia presents three main practices that women can use to cultivate and enhance their sexual energy: the Ovarian Breathing, Breast Massage and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. When this practice is mastered one can experience a total body orgasm that is beyond ordinary vaginal orgasm without losing life-force energy.

                   A serie of exercises with a jade or stone egg is used to strengthen the urogenital and pelvic diaphragm, the muscles of the vagina and the glands, tendons and nervous system. The practice can shorten menstruation, reduce cramps and compress more life force energy (Chi) into the ovaries for more sexual and creative power.


                  These exercises lend themselves to titters by the uninformed, but in fact have been successfully practiced for thousands of years to enhance the potency and pleasure of the woman fortunate enough to know about them.




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